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Tonic Water

Availability: 2965 In Stock

Wild Craft Tonic Water: The ideal addition to your gin and tonic and other mixed drinks. With a unique extract of botanicals from the Alpe di Siusi, our tonic water gives your drink a special flavour that highlights the beauty and diversity of the Alps. Experience the unmistakable flavour of the Alpe di Siusi in every sip.

Wild Craft Gin

Availability: 483 In Stock

Wild Craft Gin: Uniquely distilled from moss and larch shoots, it remains unfiltered to preserve the purity of its flavours. Immerse yourself in unadulterated nature and discover the unmistakable flavours of this unique gin.

Cream Honey

Availability: 798 In Stock

Indulge in the rich sweetness of Wild Craft's Cream Honey, harvested from bees nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Alpe di Siusi. With each spoonful, experience the essence of the mountains in this premium, organically harvested honey.

Pine syrup

Availability: 499 In Stock

Delight in the essence of the forest with Wild Craft's Pine Syrup. Crafted from locally sourced pine needles, this syrup promises a taste of nature's bounty in every drop.

Spruce Syrup

Availability: 499 In Stock

Experience the invigorating flavors of the wilderness with Wild Craft's Spruce Syrup. Made from handpicked spruce tips, this syrup captures the essence of the majestic spruce trees, offering a refreshing taste of the outdoors.

Forest & blossom Honey

Availability: 799 In Stock

Discover the harmonious blend of flavors in Wild Craft's Forrest & Blossom Honey. Crafted from the nectar of blossoms and the essence of the forest, this honey embodies the diverse beauty of nature in every jar.

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